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Kill the Courier|Part 4 – The Sharpest Blade Ever Made


There was an ayah from Surat an-Nahl, the Chapter of the Bee in the Quran, that had been running through his head lately: “Afaghayrullahi-tattaqun?” Is it other than Allah that you fear? No, Ya Allah, he thought. Only You. Read More »

Debt Free Muslims Podcast Episode 2 – Ethics in Finance with Imam Omar Suleiman


Direct Download Link (mp3) Episode 002 This episode is sponsored by MuslimMatters.org – because Muslims matter. Imām Omar Suleiman is the kind-hearted, friendly giant from New Orleans, Louisiana. Born and raised in America, Shaykh Omar has a unique way of relating to a western audience though his character has gained the love of people of all ages and backgrounds. Imām Omar has two ... Read More »

7 Reasons Why I Love My Beard


  I'm proud of my beard.  I don't say this in an arrogant way, but what I mean is that I'm not ashamed of it.  I don't wear it because I think I've attained human perfection, but because I want to imitate those of whom I know have.  I wear it because it's the sunnah of my Prophet Muḥammad and I ... Read More »

How Do I Deal with My Escapist Mentality

What's the Matter?

Question: I hope by the will of Allāh you guys can help or offer some suggestions. My problem since I was younger is that I have an escapist mentality. Whenever things would get rough I would idealize this perfect world, in which I was beautiful, strong, confident, perfect. Fast-forward 20 years later, I still have this problem, I want to ... Read More »

Why Robert Davila is the Most Famous Muslim in America This Week


May Allah guide all of us with the light of His guidance in whatever position we may be in and give us the taufiq of dua (supplication), shukr (thankfulness), sabr (patience), and ridha bil qadha (satisfaction with Divine Decree) Read More »

How Mars Became Haram: A Guide to Freaky Fatwa News

Haram Mars Header

So there’s a fun new fatwa being covered in the international news, and it goes like this: Mars Is Haram. Read More »

Announcing the New Debt Free Muslims Podcast – First Episode is on Islamic Home Financing


Please join us in welcoming the new Debt Free Muslims podcast. This podcast will be releasing a new episode every week talking about finance and other issues related to finance (family, spiritual, and so on). The first episode covers some tough questions on Islamic home financing with Mufti Ikram-ul-Haq. The episode and show-notes are below. You can help support the ... Read More »

From Musician to Poet: A New Me


With the little bit of success I was having, I truly believed I could achieve my dream. My dream was to become a popular role model in the music industry that the youth looked up to. A positive alternative in a negative outlet filled with vulgarity, misogyny, drugs, and other explicit content. Read More »

MuslimKidsMatter | Black History Month: Malcolm X Video by Islamic School Kids


In honor of Black History Month, a group of Tarbiyah School students created a video about the life of Malcolm X.  Watch this captivating video to learn about Malcolm X's amazing journey into Islam. Read More »

Running on a Prayer: “These Birds Walk”


By Hena Zuberi Everyone in Karachi is running; running on a prayer. “These Birds Walk” is a hopeful ode to the resilience of the people of Karachi and one of its home-grown heroes, Abdul Sattar Edhi. Directed by the diaspora kids Bassam Tariq and Omar Mullick, the documentary film focuses on a home for runaway boys in Karachi run by ... Read More »

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