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Why Robert Davila is the Most Famous Muslim in America This Week


May Allah guide all of us with the light of His guidance in whatever position we may be in and give us the taufiq of dua (supplication), shukr (thankfulness), sabr (patience), and ridha bil qadha (satisfaction with Divine Decree) Read More »

“He Was Real to Us” – A South African Muslim’s Hesitant Tribute to Mandela

A young member of the Maitibolo Cultural Troupe, who came to dance for well-wishers in honour of Nelson Mandela, poses for well-wishers in front of a placard of Mandela, outside the entrance to the Mediclinic Heart Hospital where former South African President Nelson Mandela was being treated in Pretoria, South Africa Photo: AP

By Na'ima B. Robert When I heard about Nelson Mandela's death in the early hours of the morning of December 5, via a message on Viber, the only way I could describe the way I felt was numb. I didn't feel a crushing sense of grief or loss. I didn't cry. Although I had been aware of his ill health ... Read More »

What I Learned About Ramadan – By Not Fasting

Level Up

Ramadan 2013 Posts I missed all but five fasts last Ramadan, and if this sounds like a shocking confession, you might want to try a survey of women to see how many of them have fasts to make up.  Many young mothers struggle to make up dozens -if not hundreds- of fasts missed in the alternating cycles of pregnancy and ... Read More »

MuslimKidsMatter | True Guidance

Assalamualaikum!  This week we will be hearing from a girl in Maryland who found Islam at the age of 11.  Enjoy reading Ruhina's inspirational story and experiences in her article “True Guidance.” True Guidance By Ruhina Hager “That is the Book. In it is guidance surely without any doubt, to those who fear God, who believe in the Unseen, are ... Read More »

Three Reflections from the “Bag Lady” of Silicon Valley


Here was an elderly woman who could have been content collecting her pension, but instead was out on a cold morning, taking occasional harassment, and knowing that people thought she was a bag lady, persevering through it all to help the poor in the Phillipines. Read More »

How University Made Me a Better Muslim


Yes, the university environment is difficult. Yes, we will be faced with a ton of harām things. But, Allāh does not burden us more than we can bear. All people, despite their background or religion, have something to offer us. Look at this experience as a chance to grow as a Muslim... Read More »

Shiraz Uppal – from Darkness towards Light


In March, MuslimMatters was granted an exclusive first interview with singer / music producer Shiraz Uppal, who, in search of inner peace, turned his back on a successful career in singing and producing music and decided to dedicate his life to the path of Allah. Read More »

10 Steps to Happiness!


....But the greatest bliss (happiness) is the Good Pleasure of Allāh. That is the supreme success. [72 Al-Tawbah] Read More »

Shiraz Uppal: A Journey from Soulful Pop to Soul-Searching

Shiraz Uppal

An MM Exclusive: Interview with Shiraz Uppal, a famous singer, songwriter, musician, music producer and director Shiraz Uppal created waves in the Pakistani music scene by announcing he had quit the music industry. Read More »

Hasan, the Slave, and the Jug


The story about the reactions of Ḥasan (raḍyAllāhu ‘anhu) and the slave when the slave dropped a jug of water on Ḥasan's foot. Read More »

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