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The Last Good Deed


To mark the 10th anniversary of Charity Week, we'll be sharing inspirational stories from across the years. These are the kind of hidden stories that go behind the numbers and the efforts. They are the kind of stories that open our eyes to the beautiful people who made this all possible. Read More »

Look Who’s Coming Out, But It Isn’t What You Think

Sounds fair enough.

The hardest part about coming out has got to be coming up with a good opening line.  I haven't got one though. So I'll give it to you straight. I'm not gay, but I could be dying. As fas I know, not imminently though.  I've known for years now that certain things in my body aren't working properly – like ... Read More »

5 Take-Aways for Muslim Fans of Breaking Bad


 *This post contains major spoilers. If you don't want the ending or major plot points ruined, don't read this post.  **The videos linked to in this post may contain objectionable material. Follow them at your own risk.  ***To read an extended version of this post with embedded videos from Breaking Bad, please see the post on my personal blog at ... Read More »

Losing Her Heart in Egypt: Amr Kassem 1987-2013


By Asma Hussein Teaching myself how not to lose hope   “Think not of those who are killed in the Way of Allāh as dead. Nay, they are alive, with their Lord, and they have provision. They rejoice in what Allāh has bestowed upon them of His Bounty and rejoice for the sake of those who have not yet joined ... Read More »

Palliative Care – A Reflective Essay

Palliative Care

By Maryam Sultan   Yellow is my favorite color.  It's the color of the purse my sister gifted me on the day that I completed my memorization of the Holy Qur'an.  It's the color of flowers that my husband makes sure to include in every bouquet he brings home.  It's the color of the gold in the earrings my grandmother ... Read More »

Umm Zakiyyah | Are You a Sign of the Last Day?


Yet, as we draw ever closer to the Day of Judgment, there are so few of us who are moved to utter a simple prayer asking Allah’s mercy for our parents, and so many of us who move our tongues endlessly recounting their faults. Read More »

Bonnie: A story of a woman struggling with death and depression


Half of this story is truth and half of this has not yet happened.  Let me tell you the true part first. When the doorbell rang a few weeks ago I sent my 3-year-old daughter and autistic 5-year-old son running after their father to open it.  We were expecting their aunt, and what we saw instead was our next-door neighbor ... Read More »

Lessons Learned From Loss

The realization dawned on me that even though I had peered into the abyss of the grave I will soon turn my back on it and return to my not very productive routine unless I take immediate steps to somehow retain the memory. Read More »

Thoughts on the Death of Osama Bin Laden by Yasir Qadhi

Osama bin Laden is dead. And once again, in this Manichean good-versus-evil, us-versus-them, black-versus-white, world that we are told we live in, we are expected to take ‘sides’. And once again, many people, myself included, will have to take a deep sigh and wonder whether we can ever successfully explain, to an increasingly polarized world, the complexity of our stances and the nuances of our positions. Read More »

Piles of Stuff: A Reflection on Consumerism

"The mutual rivalry for piling up of worldly things diverts you, Until you visit the graves." Read More »

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