Handling Painful Moments with Grace

By Sayeda Habib Life is uncertain. We don’t know what any day will bring, but one thing that human beings have a lot of is resilience. We CAN bounce back from anything– even a crisis situation. We...

Get Out of Debt with Dua As-salaamu alaykum, Are you in debt, soon will be or know someone that is? If yes, then the following dua (supplication) is surely, in shaa Allah, worth...
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The Motherland: Experiences of Islam, Politics, and Culture In India

Within this series on MuslimMatters I would like to show readers how life in India is for an American. I hope to do this by writing about my experiences with health care, law enforcement, locals, Islamic institutions, what students of knowledge should consider before thinking about studying overseas, and lastly reflections and recommendations on the institutions I’ve visited.