What Muslims Need to Know About CVE

Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), as defined by the Department of State in a recent CVE joint strategy document, “refers to proactive actions to counter efforts by violent extremists to radicalize,...

The Eid of Darkness in Kashmir

By Muhammad Faysal For the last 75 days, Kashmir has been under a suffocating siege. A continuous curfew and a subsequent clampdown on protests, have resulted in a humanitarian crisis and another bloodied...
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Why Trump Is Surprisingly Good for Muslims

Does all this mean that Muslims should vote for the odious Donald Trump? Muslims should definitely consider voting third party in at least the non-swing states. But if one is planning to vote for either Clinton or Trump in a swing state, then hopefully I have presented good reasons to consider voting for Trump over Clinton in particular. In strategic terms, sometimes going against the most outwardly obvious path is what will yield the most fruit at the end.