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The Delights of a Kid Focused Ramadan


By: Zeeshan Shah I blame it on society, I blame it on our need to hoard and our greed to accumulate as many things as we can. Although in our deen it is considered righteous to race towards good, pre-Ramadan I stood back and looked at the bigger picture. What was I hoping to achieve this year? Walk alone towards ... Read More »

Bangladesh Unrest: A Battle of Faith?

allah, love, jamaat islami

The hijab has been a prominent target; the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Showkat Ali, spoke out against the veil, incredibly stating, “only those who have ugly faces use religion to cover it.” In a number of state educational institutions, headscarves have been banned, including at Rajshahi University’s Social Welfare Department, Chittagong Nursing College, and Kushtia Women’s College. The ruling party has also made moves to secularize the nation’s constitution. Read More »

The Bangladesh Crisis Explored

athiest, anti islam, islamophobia

An OpEd by Mezba Mahtab, a Bangladeshi-Canadian blogger based in Toronto. Read More »

Islamophobia is Stupid: Part III

Islamophobia T

Islamophobia is stupid: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4   The Messenger of Allāh said, “The believer does not defame, abuse, disparage, nor vilify.” (al-Tirmidhi) So it is official, Islamophobia IS stupid! Well, at least the Associated Press (AP) rejected the term (along with Homophobia and “ethnic cleansing”) in their most recent update to the ... Read More »

Islam and Libertarianism are a Good Fit


...the Qurʾānic verse is an endorsement of the fundamental principle of libertarianism, the Nonaggression Principle. This principle is articulated in the Maryland Libertarian Party Constitution (of which I am co-author): “No person or group has the right to initiate force or fraud against any other person or group to seek to attain their values.” This common sense principle is accepted by everyone in their daily lives, except for murderers, thieves, and con artists. Read More »

Eye on Burma | Part 1


The second installment in the Eye on Burma series by Fiza Asar. Read More »

Eye on Burma: An Introduction


MuslimMatters is pleased to announce a new, regular series on the ongoing Rohingya crisis in Burma presented by Fiza Asar, a talented communications professional based in the United Kingdom. She is extremely interested in the “other”-ing of certain peoples by media and the interplay of media with politics, culture and identity-making.  Below is the first of inshā'Allāh many enlightening contributions ... Read More »

Sikh Temple Shootings | Let’s not worry about labels

sikh temple

America was still coming to terms with the murderous rampage in Aurora when the savage shootings at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin took place on the 5th of August. We were reminded yet again of the horrors of Columbine and those of Norway. We were reminded of the bestiality that exists in men, the arbitrary places where it can be ... Read More »

NYTimes OpEd | Uncle Sam Is No Imam

From the NYTimes  TWO years ago, John O. Brennan, President Obama's top adviser on counterterrorism, spoke to members of a Muslim student group in a packed auditorium at the law school where I teach, offering his audience the White House's position about what jihad does and does not mean. Later that year, on a panel with me in that same ... Read More »

The Arab League Report On Syria – Yet Another “F”?


The current state of the Arab Republic needs no introduction; with the number of fatalities escalating to hundreds on a daily basis under the authoritarian rule of President Bashar Al Assad, and more recently with the heavyweights China and Russia vetoing a draft UN security council resolution pressing for his immediate resignation, all news bulletins are pointing Middle East-wards. Read More »

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