Baba, The Quran and Me

“When we were young, every Ramadan, we had to complete one recitation of the Quran because my dad made us. There was no question of not completing it. It’s just what we did.” Sitting together with...
Muslim women and sunset. Muslim women fashion style.

Confessions of a Fasting Muslim

By Maysaa Fahour “I’m starving,” is uttered from my mouth at least a dozen times a day during Ramadan. Other things like, “Why?” and, “I can’t even…” are also spilled out and it wouldn't...

Life of Uyghur Muslims In China

This article is written by a Uighur activist living through the ordeal of being a Muslim under Chinese rule. We have chosen not to disclose her name for her safety. Uighurs, a Turkic-speaking Muslim...
Candid Convertsations (4)

Ramadan SOS

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. But there it was, barely visible under the dull, pale glow of the street light; as if it had been put there for my eyes alone. It wasn't the place where you would...
hajj fraud

The Dark Business of the Journey of Light – Hajj Fraud

Pilgrims are urged to get everything in writing. “Always get written terms and conditions as this details your contract with the travel company. Make sure your flight details, accommodations and Hajj visa are valid. Establish an auditable paper trail and keep records of financial transactions,” suggests a national awareness campaign on Hajj fraud that ran in the United Kingdom where Hajj fraud is so common that there is a special police division for it.