Hajj Reflections: Sacrificing for Knowledge

In the past, students of knowledge did not have it easy. Studying Islam was a Jihad that required a lot of sacrifice and one had to be self-driven and willing to go through anything for knowledge. Yet sadly times have changed. Today so many students complain about the mildest things, from a class being too early to the teacher not cracking enough jokes.

Hajj Reflections: Hardship and Ease

On the one hand, I was treated to five star treatment including a Hotel room in Mina (ten in a room though), three buffets a day and even spending money. On the other hand, I had to endure bus drives that lasted forever, dangerous crowds, fiqh clashes with roommates and very long walks. It was a complete balance, for every luxury I enjoyed I faced a tough test.
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Actions are Judged by Intentions

By Seher Haque I love Fridays. So much so that on Mondays I'm already eagerly awaiting the arrival of Friday. Sure, Fridays signal the fun planned for the weekend. But for me it also holds another very...