Texas Falls Victim to Terror

Syrian boys, whose family fled their home in Idlib, walk to their tent, at a camp for displaced Syrians, in the village of Atmeh, Syria, Monday, Dec. 10, 2012 Terror has taken over Texas. Not with guns or...

Waiting For My Veteran Father

By Wendy Diaz When I was in 5th grade, around 10 or 11 years old, I was blessed to be placed in the classroom of who would become my favorite teacher of all time, Ms. Rosa Lee Watts. She was a strict,...

From Clocks to Collaboration: Lessons from Ahmed

After all, it was that same curiosity that played a part in Ahmed Mohamed sitting face to face with police for an hour, being questioned as to whether or not he had intended to blow MacArthur High school up, elevated him to instant stardom, and exposed one of Muslim America’s greatest cases for collaboration.

Historic Ruling Upholds Rights of American Muslims

by Glenn Katon, Legal Director, Muslim Advocates In an historic ruling last week, a federal appeals court upheld the right of American Muslims to be free from suspicionless surveillance based solely upon...