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Wael Abdelgawad is an Egyptian-American living in California. He is the founder of several Islamic websites, including IslamicAnswers.com and IslamicSunrays.com, and of various financial websites. He is divorced and has one lovely young daughter. Wael teaches martial arts, and loves Islamic books, science fiction, and ice cream. For a guide to all of Wael's stories in chronological order, check out this handy Story Index.

Hassan’s Tale | Part 1 – The Mountain is a Muslim


Hassan believed in his heart that forgiveness was the key to every happiness. It opened your lungs so you could breathe, and released your heart like a bird from a cage. Resentment, on the other hand, tightened your chest and narrowed your vision. It made your world smaller, and shrunk your capacity to love. Read More »

Dispatch Wizard | Part 4 – Starship Hassan

Alice was too nervous to eat, but she made a cheese sandwich with tomato and lettuce for Mr. Saleh and watched him wolf it down. She wondered how long it had been since he’d eaten.

Alice was too nervous to eat, but she made a cheese sandwich with tomato and lettuce for Mr. Saleh and watched him wolf it down. She wondered how long it had been since he’d eaten. Read More »

Dispatch Wizard | Part 3 – Do it for Love

Transbay Terminal, San Francisco

The man on the floor stared up in obvious fright at the three strangers standing before him. He clutched his green backpack tightly and reached into it, bringing forth a folded buck knife. Read More »

Dispatch Wizard | Part 2 – One Day at a Time

Dispatch Wizard

Muhammad leaned down beside the homeless man. The dog growled, and Muhammad pulled back, startled. The man woke and eyed Muhammad, who held the money out like a peace offering. "For you and your dog," he said. Read More »

Dispatch Wizard | Part 1 – The Funny Brother

Muhammad normally looked forward to Tu-Lan nights, for one thing because the food was so good. On this night, however, he ate slowly.

This story is a sequel to “Kill the Courier”. Read More »

Kill the Courier | Part 5 – Is it Other Than Allah That You Fear?

Odd Fellows Temple, San Francisco

He removed his windbreaker - the left sleeve was badly torn - and stripped off his blood-soaked t-shirt. He held his arm over the sink as blood poured from the wound, staining the sink red. His exposed skin broke into goosebumps and he began to shiver violently, his teeth chattering. Read More »

Kill the Courier|Part 4 – The Sharpest Blade Ever Made


There was an ayah from Surat an-Nahl, the Chapter of the Bee in the Quran, that had been running through his head lately: “Afaghayrullahi-tattaqun?” Is it other than Allah that you fear? No, Ya Allah, he thought. Only You. Read More »

Kill the Courier | Part 3 – Your Gun is Not Your Life


Hassan still held hope that Sarkis had not recognized him, and that he could go on with his life just as before, working, teaching class, and - if Allah blessed him - finding a way forward with Jamilah. A green garden and a woman with kind eyes. A Western sky and a bell of brass... Read More »

Kill the Courier| Part 2 – An Enemy at the Consulate


The hair stood up on Hassan’s arms and all his muscles tensed. He felt as if a ghost had just walked through his body. He knew that voice. Read More »

Kill the Courier |Part 1 – Hiding in Plain Sight


Hassan himself was not in any fight. Not anymore. He felt deeply for the Muslims of Palestine, Chechnya, Myanmar, East Turkestan... the list of oppressed Muslim peoples was long. A part of him felt that he should be using his skills to save his brothers and sisters, even if that mean saving only one soul. Maybe a time would come when he must live and die on that path. But for now his soul needed peace. Read More »

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