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#JusticeForBenKeita: Black Muslim teen found hanged near Seattle

In November, 18 yo Ben Keita's family reported him missing. His body was found in January in the woods. A medical examiner initially ruled that his death was a suicide. but the rope was tied 50 feet up the tree where his body was found.

Just about to graduate high school. Had so much of life ahead of him. All of it cut short. WE DEMAND FULL INVESTIGATION.

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Muslim teen found hanged in woods near Seattle; family seeks answers body found in January

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"[Ben Keita] was dreaming of becoming a medical doctor and work as a medical examiner. Now those dreams are over.” .

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Being black and Muslim you face double-edged system racism. This child's death was almost immediately ruled as suicide.

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Justice for , a Black Muslim 18 y/o, found hanged in the woods near Seattle. Initially ruled a suicide, now undetermined. RIP.

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This is so heartbreaking. thoughts and prayers goes out to his family.

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my heart is with his beautiful family. may Allah ease their pain & grant their beautiful son jannah alfirdous ❤️😢

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I'm , 365 days a year...

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A Black Muslim teenage male was found lynched in the woods near Seattle.

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BREAKING: Muslim teen found LYNCHED in Seattle area woods

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A Facebook page with pictures & updates since went missing: "Ben Keita RIP 01/09/2017"

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