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Three Rules to Beat Unemployment


I spent six months in unemployment and wanted share whatever insights, tips, or tricks I found beneficial on my path back to employment. Read More »

In the Recession: Job Interview Tips for Muslim Men

Let's face it, we are special. We are the strange ones. How do we manage to land that nice job in the corporate world without assimilating and changing our names from Muhammads to Moes and Tariqs to Terrys? So you have a spiffy new resume, you have been applying to every job you can find online, and you finally get the initial phone call. You get through the preliminaries and now you are set to go interview in person. Here are a few tips to keep in mind. Read More »

Make the Most of Unemployment: Learn, Adapt, Improve

Being out of a job does not equate to being out of work. There are plenty of opportunities out there to keep yourself busy while you search for a new position, allowing you to gain valuable skills, and even earn yourself some ākhirah points. Read More »

Being A Stay-At-Home Dad – A Muslim Perspective

Being a stay-at-home dad was one the best experiences of my life, teaching me wonders about taking care of my family. But for some reason, I struggled to find acceptance in the Muslim community for it. How can we move toward a prophetic way of acceptance in our community? Read More »

Find a Job, Keep Your Beard

When I began searching for a job back in '04, I was advised by experts that a clean-shaven face was a must for the interview. A bearded face was a job seeker's death sentence. Now me, I follow the opinion that you leave the beard alone and just let it grow. Most people don't follow that opinion, and I'm cool ... Read More »

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