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Must Wedding Bells Go Ka-Ching?

wedding bells

How far we’ve strayed from the unadulterated concept of Nikah as an act of worship, and the simplicity in the celebration of the Waleema, as dictated in the example of the Prophet. Read More »

The Spirit of Eid | MM Eid Photo Contest: The Winners!


Announcing the Winners of the MM Photo/Instagram 'Īd contest! It's about time, right?! :) We know you have been anxiously waiting, so let's get straight to it! *duff roll* … … … First Place – $500 Prize Second Place – $300 Prize Third Place – $200 Prize Runners Up – $25 Amazon Gift Card — Congratulations to those who won, ... Read More »

Confronting Your Problems – a Khutbah by Sheikh Waleed Basyouni


Lecture by Shaykh Waleed Basyouni | Transcribed by Anonymous [The following is the video and transcript of Shaykh Waleed Basyouni's khutbah, "Confronting Your Problems" delivered at ISGH masjid Hamza on 12/09/2012. The transcript includes slight modifications for the sake of readability and clarity.] Video: Confronting Your Problems – a Khutbah by Sheikh Waleed Basyouni at ISGH masjid Hamza on 12/09/2012 My dear brothers and sisters. Allāh created this ... Read More »

Muslim Patrol vs. Muslim Snow Patrol

helping hand

In any society of Muslims there is always a whole range of people present within it. Here in the West one way you can categorize Muslims is into three distinct types: the minority that are actively trying to present a good image of Islam, the minority that is actively trying to present a negative image of Islam and the absolute ... Read More »

American Baby: 9 Lessons from Converting to Islam

American Muslim

1. It Gets Easier The beginning is always the hardest.  You've found the truth, fulfillment, and a sense of peace you never imagined possible.  A handful of people can't wait to share Islam with their families, but for most of us, breaking the news to parents, grandparents, relatives, and sometimes kids, brings a sense of dread. This sense of dread ... Read More »

Six Stories Down: When It’s More Than Just The Baby Blues

shutterstock_126263810 (1)

The first apartment where my husband and I lived had six stories, and we lived on the sixth floor.  I remember this clearly because in the months after my first son was born, I spent way too much time hanging out laundry and hoping that somehow, just somehow, I would accidentally fall off our sixth floor balcony and die. Astaghfirullah ... Read More »

The Islam Women were Promised

Arab Muslim Woman in Jerusalem

By Musa Furber for The Washington Post. See original post here.   The horrific and heartbreaking news from India is tragic enough on its own: two alleged victims of gang rape have died, one a 23-year-old woman who succumbed to her wounds and a 17-year-old girl who took her own life after being pressured to marry one of her alleged attackers. These stories are awful enough ... Read More »


Spruce Forest

Asma was always one to focus on what was missing: the sun on a cloudy day, the tiny smudge on her otherwise beautiful painting, the single wrong answer on a test. She feared imperfection like it was a debilitating disease. And it showed. Read More »

Elevate the Discourse Before Voting Becomes The New Halal Meat


Every single conference. Every single lecture. Every single guest speaker. Every single gathering of friends… …Every single time, a halal meat discussion. Is it halal? Is it zabihah? Why should you pick one or the other? For the last 20 years, the level of discourse on this subject has stayed the same. We still have the same arguments, the same ... Read More »

From Myanmar to Mecca | Rohingya Muslims Make Plea at Hajj

Rohingya making dua at Kaaba

Al Jazeera English correspondent Jamal Elshayyal reports from this year's Hajj on a group of Rohingya Muslims making the pilgrimage. One pilgrim interviewed said: “The problem in Rakhine began in 1962 but it's only now that the world has begun to take notice. There are plenty of stor The pilgrim says he is praying for help at hajj:ies of suffering ... Read More »

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