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Positively Muslim in the West: Sister Hafizah Ismail

children of jannah

Sister Hafizah is the founder of the Muslim charity, Children of Jannah. Children of Jannah strives to support and provide information to grieving parents and families following the devastating loss of a child or baby, whether through illness, miscarriage, or stillbirth. Read More »

Positively Muslim in the West: Sister Habibe Husain

Credit Gulgee

Read about the recipient of our Positively Muslim in the West award, Sister Habibe of the Rahima Foundation. To nominate a person for the award please email us at info at Muslimmatters.org Read More »

5 year old Gives her Life Savings to Flood Victims

Why do we morally degenerate as we grow older? Why do we become so cynical and desensitized? The first lesson that children learn in school is to share, and it is the first lesson we forget as we graduate school. As we grow up, we are told to stop behaving like children, but it is these childlike qualities that make the best of humans. Read More »

Defining Proactivity: The ‘Inspired by Muhammad’ Campaign

It is one thing to raise a hue and cry about the latest blasphemous incident that pops up in the news but it demands a whole other life vision to actually take positive steps for Da'wah, exemplified by the vibrant "Inspired by Muhammad" campaign. Read More »

I Cannot Cheer for you Sister Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010: Too Much is at Stake

What happens when Tanya from the youth group asks me "Sister Hena, she is a Muslim isn’t that cool?" Is it cool? I know sex and all that is sexy sells and that’s what people are into, but Muslim teens need stronger Muslim women highlighted in other fields Read More »

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