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Interested in Siraaj Muḥammad covering a specific issue?  We'd love to hear more from you – simply leave a comment below about the article or article series you'd like to see on MM, and we'll pass it along.

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  1. 1. Handling getting laid off from a job.
    2. handling work stress
    3. financial uncertainty/job insecurity

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  2. Hello, I just read your last tweet asking for advise on what to write about (article) There is a Islamic page but not article that you could review? It’s at Facebook, a page called “Spreadtruth Islam” they seem to have potential on helping people out.

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  3. salam alikoum
    don’t hear a lot about islamic art nowdays. islam and especialy coran has gained first muslim hearts by its beauty.
    that’s all what was on my mind. hope i am not wrong or missed what matters more
    salam alikoum

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  4. Are wills made according to shariah still relevant in todays world? Sons rarely look after their mothers, n brothers after their sisters. Why should the bulk of my husbands wealth go to his brothers if I have no sons and i have worked with my husband in the business from the the beginning.. In this day n age it is mostly daughters who look after their aged parents. I do not doubt Allah’s (SWT) wisdom. Why are we looked down upon when a parent makes out a will where everything is shared equally between children be they male or female.

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  5. Hamna Abdulraouf

    Assalamu’alaikum. My friend has this debate coming up in her university about ‘What’s more important? Marrige or Higher education?’
    I personally think that in Islam, education and marriage can go hand in hand but sadly in society it doesn’t.
    If we have to choose between the two, what should it be?

    Infact, How can we handle marriage and studies at one time?

    Jazakallah Khair.

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  6. Assallamu alaykum Siraj,
    Your article about the 4am routine helped a lot! can you please write about breaking bad habit related to procrastination such as facebook addiction, hanging with friends/text/calling etc. Another requested article is how to build productive habit. jazakAllahu kharian brother!

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  7. I want to know what happened to Jesus while he was on the cross. Was it him or was it someone else

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  8. Aslm Siraaj.

    I read your article on She’s not damaged goods and was very impressed with it as I can relate having been a widow at the very young age of 19. Getting married for the second time several years later and the 2 years preceding that as my new in laws were not happy with their sons choice as ” I was damaged goods” through no fault of my own.

    Anyway what I would like to know is that a very close friend of mine whom I will not mention her name has made a mistake in her life by falling victim to a sexual predator who promised her the world. Today she has a 2 year old son and has met someone new in her life. They are about to perform niqah and people are talking and making a big stink of whether or not its permisseable for her to have a Walimah ( reception )seeing that as they say ” she is damaged goods ”

    Please can you tell me if there is anything wrong with having a small reception for someone in her situation and if there is a verse in the Quraan that speaks about this. Cause shouldn’t people rather be making good duahs on her life ahead and celebrating in her upcoming union than discussing her mistake.

    I would like to remain anonymous. Thanks

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