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Amatullah (Yusra Owais)

Interested in Amatullah (Yusra Owais) covering a specific issue?  We'd love to hear more from you – simply leave a comment below about the article or article series you'd like to see on MM, and we'll pass it along.

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  1. Assalaam alaikum Ukhti, I love your writings. Please would you continue your explanation of the names of Allah swt. Also anything on the husna dhan billah please (good opinion of Allah swt) would be very much appreciated. JazakAllah khair wassalaam

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    • Also by the way I love your blog site. Your work I have been reading for years and I am very grateful to you, particularly for the time you took to explain the meanings of duas. Please would you also consider continuing the explanation of the Arabic of various duas. Jzk, ws

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  2. Assalaamu ‘alaykum warahmatullah,
    I would be interested to hear reflections on 3:190 – what are some lessons and insights for the believer in the alternation of night and day (and the creation of the heavens and earth)

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  3. Salaam,
    Can you please write a guide on how you went about studying Quran,Al-huda et al for a sister that wants to take the same path
    Jazakallah Khayr

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