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Three Rules to Beat Unemployment


I spent six months in unemployment and wanted share whatever insights, tips, or tricks I found beneficial on my path back to employment. Read More »

Make the Most of Unemployment: Learn, Adapt, Improve

Being out of a job does not equate to being out of work. There are plenty of opportunities out there to keep yourself busy while you search for a new position, allowing you to gain valuable skills, and even earn yourself some ākhirah points. Read More »

Being A Stay-At-Home Dad – A Muslim Perspective

Being a stay-at-home dad was one the best experiences of my life, teaching me wonders about taking care of my family. But for some reason, I struggled to find acceptance in the Muslim community for it. How can we move toward a prophetic way of acceptance in our community? Read More »

Find a Job, Keep Your Beard

When I began searching for a job back in '04, I was advised by experts that a clean-shaven face was a must for the interview. A bearded face was a job seeker's death sentence. Now me, I follow the opinion that you leave the beard alone and just let it grow. Most people don't follow that opinion, and I'm cool ... Read More »

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