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MuslimKidsMatter | Reluctant Friday to Remembered Friday


Reluctant Friday to Remembered Friday By Abdullah Moulana āmīn Until a Friday about 5 months ago, I did not begin to realize what it meant to do things for the sake of Allāh. It was a little while after the Jumuah prayer.  My elder sister had convinced me to join her for a tree-planting event at her university campus. I ... Read More »

Make your Deen Green: Composting


Every day we hear about the negative impacts human beings are having on the environment. It is so important to take care of and preserve one of the greatest gifts Allah [swt] has given us: the planet. Read More »

Make your Deen Green: Muslim Couples Required to Plant Trees Before Marriage


Imagine if every country in the world took eco-progressive steps like these, which are easy to implement, and revive a sunnah. The couple could make the trees symbols of their love, taking care of them as they nurture their new relationship. Sharing their love with the earth. Read More »

Make your Deen Green: Illinois House passes Green Ramadan resolution

On June 1, the Illinois House passed the Green Ramadan resolution allowing the ninth month of the Islamic calendar as a “Green Month” for all faith communities in Illinois. “It is a great day for people of faith and for Illinois's Muslim. Illinois is the first state in the nation that recognizes the month of Ramadan, the month of fasting ... Read More »

Make Your Deen Green: Pies to petrol biofuels scheme launched | Edie.net

Pies into fuel

As Muslims we are instructed not to waste food and edibles. In today's world of consumerism, food is often wasted tremendously in fast food restaurants when it gets cold, in bakeries and super markets all over when the expiry is passed. This initiative is a wonderful way to reuse this "waste" and make something useful from it. Pies to petrol biofuels scheme launched Read More »

Make your Deen Green: Paper vs. Plastic Bags – Use Your Islam to Help the Environment

Concern for the environment is a critical principle in Islam. Muslims can, and must take a proactive role in earth-friendly initiatives. This article provides simple and easy-to-do tips on how to go green. Taking these practical steps as an individual will benefit your family and our planet in the long run. Read More »

Make your Deen Green: Muslims and their Responsibility to the Environment

Somewhere inside us we have that ability to live up to the lofty maqam of a khalifah. Look at the example of Prophet Muhammad, he slept on the ground close to the earth on a bed made of palm leaves, wrapped in his shawl. He sat on the floor to eat simple, wholesome food. He repaired his shoes and urged us to wear out our clothes until they had patches on them. Read More »

MuslimMatters Joins CAIR in Urging Muslims to Pray for End to US Gulf Oil Spill

As true friends of earth, and vindicating Prince Charles's words that "man’s destruction of the world was contrary to the scriptures of all religions – but particularly those of Islam", let's pray for an end to the spill. Read More »

The True Friends of the Earth

Although this Earth is a temporary abode for Muslims, it is also a gift and a trust to us from Allah. We must remember this before we decide to throw that cola can on the kerbside, or throw that glass bottle into the conventional waste bin instead of the recycling one. Read More »

The Earth’s Complaint (Final)

Previous: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 The Earth's Complaint (Final) 4. SANCTITY Another tenet in Islam's weltanschauung or worldview concerns sanctity of life: both human and animal. As for the human being, he is indeed sacred creation, and so any infringement of that sanctity is deemed by Islam to be a heinous crime: “Whosoever kills a person for other ... Read More »

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