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Inspiring American Muslim Youth: My Identity, My Tomorrow


“It’s time that the youth take the initiative and lead the community. This convention is an outlet for the youth to have their issues highlighted, as they see fit. Most conventions have separate parallel programs for youth, while others attend the regular convention. IamY seeks to bridge the gap and have the entire community and family focus on important issues youth face. Read More »

How Much Should Islamic Clergy Make?


Many of our boards have yet to realize that the job description of an Imam in America is vastly different from what an imam does in nearly any other country in the world. The expectations we put on them are herculean to say the least. Read More »

MuslimKidsMatter | A Special Project by Nur Kose


One of our regular contributors to Muslim Kids Matter monthly posts is young Nur Kose. Today she writes to us about a special project she's working on, to make it easy and simple for kids to learn more about the Deen. Find out what she's been up to and what makes the classes so special, māshā'Allāh. :) We wish Nur ... Read More »

Domestic Violence Series: Dedicate a Khutbah Drive | Sample included


Muslimmatters is hosting a khutbah drive- please pledge to host a khutbah addressing domestic violence and abuse in your masjid or musalla. A sample sermon by Shaykh Joe Bradford, originally published on his blog, has been attached for your ease. If you are not a khateeb, please request your imām to address this topic, inshā'Allāh.  May Allāh SWT reward you, ... Read More »

A Ramadan Public Relations Plan for American Muslim Community Centers

The month that we have sought out all year is here! Insha’Allah we prepared ourselves, our families and our homes to maximize the blessing of Ramadan. However, unlike stocking our refrigerators, preparing our mosques for non-Muslim visitors and members of the Media is one essential task that we often neglect. Here are some easy last-minute steps! Read More »

Conversations about Masjid Leadership 2: Finding the Right Imam

Is your masjid looking for an imam? What is a realistic way to figure out who is qualified to be your masjid's imam? Watch the next section of the series on Masjid Leadership. Read More »

Video- Conversations About Masjid Leadership: Role of the Masjid

We are pleased to launch this new video series addressing issues of Masjid leadership from MuslimSI.com. The intent behind this series is to provide a frank discussion about issues of concern to our communities. Problems such as leadership, board politics, and youth involvement are not unique to any one Masjid. Read More »

Rapid Reaction: ISNA Canada Accused of Squandering Zakat Money

Early this morning I started seeing tweets and emails about 'Muslim charity squandered money for the poor' and immediately opened the article up. The Toronto Star is reporting that over $600,000 were mismanaged by the organization. This was money intended for the poor, and according to their audit, it was mostly spent on other than the poor (including some personal perks). Read More »

Charity Week 2010: Muslim Students in the UK Show the Power of Unity

"Allah does not change the condition of a people unless they change themselves." Just one of the vehicles that they hoped would help bring about this change was a project that would unite Muslim students whilst raising money for orphans and needy children. Read More »

The Little Mosque of Hope | Building a Sanctuary in the Arctic

In the midst of the Islamophobic outbursts of 2010, a time when the future looked bleak and our aspirations suffered a blow, this inspirational story of a small Muslim community in the Arctic captivated hearts and gave us hope. Read More »

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