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The Brotherhood I Never Knew


Charity Week: One week, One Cause, All The Difference. Read More »

Running a Masjid is a Lot Like Bikeshedding


The reality is, most of the time, board members aren’t equipped to understand the community’s problems. They are put in a position of trust to make decisions for the benefit of the community. This means finding an imam who can lead them, spiritually nourish them, and help them grow. Read More »

Accessibility, Acceptance, Islamic Education: Living as a Muslim with Disability


Challenges faced by Muslims with disabilities when attempting to participate at Islamic Centers. Read More »

A Guide for Studying Arabic and Quran in Morocco


Going abroad to study Arabic is one of the best ways to learn the language. With a vibrant culture and a rich intellectual heritage, Morocco is naturally a destination of choice for students from across the globe. What follows below is a guide for those looking to go there to study Arabic and Qurʾān. It is based on my experiences ... Read More »

Behind the Scenes: Anatomy of Prayer

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 11.45.21 PM

There are two things I wanted to explain about this short film: how and why I made it. First question is why I made it? I made this video for a couple of reasons one being I had recently bought a new camera, the Panasonic GH2, so I was itching to test it out and challenge myself with a unique creative ... Read More »

Change the Life of an Orphan


Losing a parent means losing a teacher, a mentor, a friend. But in addition to this immeasurable trauma, orphans suffer practical challenges too. Many orphans are left with no one to rely on in poverty-stricken, war-torn countries. They often have to drop out of school, leaving behind their friends—and the last remnants of normal life—to work in their community's lowest ... Read More »

Mo$que Inc. – The Binyameen Franklin Challenge


 Ramadan2013 Posts Guest post by Abu Yusuf and Omar Usman My little brother yelled at me again on Friday: “Expansion… growth… your children!.. bublic schools!!.. Zina!!!”. Feeling guilty for not intervening sooner, I thumbed through my cash and did what families do when encountered by addiction. “Dude, calm down—here's  a twenty.” He gave me an unctuous smile; we both knew I was ... Read More »

Plight of the Refugee Women


Five women from five countries, all bound to the same fate as refugees, here in Malaysia. They face life one day at a time, in fading hope, alleviated only through the bond of their friendship and journey together. This is their plight. Read More »

Unmosqued Series: Role of the Masaajid – East vs. West


With all the problems that the masajid have in the US, at least there is an opportunity to change things, there is room to make a difference; all roads don’t lead to dead-ends, and, most importantly, there is freedom to raise your voice. Read More »

5 Amazing Stories from Charity Week 2012


    Charity Week 2012 is over now. The last cake has been baked and sold. The last poster taken down. The last penny counted. At the end of each Charity Week we reflect upon the events of the past year so that we may build upon our strengths and identify our weaknesses. The resulting document is the Charity Week ... Read More »

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