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Left Behind – the Families of Muslim Prisoners in CMUs

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Helplessness and resolve draped in a cream hijab and coral shawl, her face shielded behind over-sized sunglasses, holding her head high, she displays the photograph of the love of her life at a rally in front of the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. Sahar Ahmed married a network engineer from a decent Pakistani family. The kind of guy most ... Read More »

Understanding the Pain of the Zimmerman Trial


By Dawud Walid The recent acquittal in the George Zimmerman case reignited a national discussion about race relations in America.  There were many on one end of the spectrum, who stated the Zimmerman case typifies the lack of racial equity and justice in America for Blackamericans, from the initial profiling of Trayvon Martin, the trying of his character during the ... Read More »

Safe Mosques: An Invitation for American Muslim Leadership to Create Safer Schools & Centers

Homeland Security Safe Mosques

Mohamed Elibiary is a national security expert advising the homeland security enterprise and Texas-based Muslim community leader. With more than a week past the Boston Bombings, public emotions are beginning to subside. But many Muslim communities are still left dealing with their fear of a backlash or hate crime at their masjid (Mosque) or Islamic school. In response to the ... Read More »

Political Prisoner #Aafia Siddiqui Human Rights Forum & Rally in Washington D.C.

Joe Lombardo, National Coordinator of United National Antiwar Coalition  (UNAC) rallies for repatriation of Aafia Siddiqui

On International Women's Day, March 8th, 2013, anti-war, civil liberties, and Muslim activists, along with college students and families joined hands in demanding the repatriation of political prisoner Dr. Aafia Siddiqui back to her home country of Pakistan, and the compassionate release of Attorney Lynne Stewart. The peaceful protest was held outside the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, D.C. More than fifty  protestors ... Read More »

Another Miscarriage of Justice: The Sentencing of Tarek Mehanna


I reiterate here what has been expressed by many others: for as long as I have known Tarek, I have known him to be kind, caring, and upstanding individual. In his sentencing hearing, he gave a powerful and moving speech which made evident that no matter the charges leveled against him, he would not compromise his beliefs. Read More »

SFPD Secret Agreement With FBI Puts Muslims in Spotlight | Illume Exclusive Report


This exclusive report, Illume investigates the SFPD operations and how civil rights and community groups are fighting back. Read More »

NYPD Monitors Muslim Students Associations Across Northeast | Rutgers & Yale Statements


Statement from Rutgers University February 20, 2012 Rutgers University takes great pride in the diversity of our student body, and we work hard to make sure that all students feel safe and welcome at all of our campuses. Rutgers University had no knowledge at the time that the New York Police Department (NYPD) was conducting surveillance near the university's campuses ... Read More »

National Babar Ahmad Day – Let’s Get Justice!


A British man has been held in prison for SEVEN YEARS without a trial to prove his guilt. Not in a secret prison in a far away land ruled by an oppressive dictator: right here, in merry old, democratic, rule of law, innocent till proven guilty, England. It doesn't matter your religion, or skin colour: if you believe in due ... Read More »

M. Elibiary | FBI Training, the Ackerman Exposé & American Muslim Community Concerns


Mohamed Elibiary, Advisor to the Homeland Security Enterprise advises the Muslim community about Wired Magazine's, Spenser Ackerman’ s expose on FBI Counter-Terrorism training at Quantico. "As a liaison between the FBI and the Muslim community, I can attest that there is nothing new in Spenser’s reporting and could add volumes more to it of FBI wrongdoings; none the less, it has been disquieting and demoralizing for someone in my position to watch the ripple effects upon our community’s psyche." Read More »

MPACUK: BUSTED: How A Single Pro-Palestintian Female Took On The FBI

What is interesting is how the Zionist lobby had called the FBI after watching the demo and told them she was a threat. This is how they abuse the system to harass us. Never breaking the law, simply using it for their own unethical ends. Here is how it was reported: “The Joint Terrorism Task Force Division of the FBI ... Read More »

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