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Four Convert Marriage FAILS (and how to avoid them)

tying knot

So you’re practicing Islam and fairly educated about it and you’re ready to marry the man you’ve had your sights on (the tall, dark and handsome one, I know). Many women jump into an intercultural marriage without realizing just what the expectations of their husband will be. Read More »

A Convert’s Story


By: Hina Khan The conversion ceremony was a very frigid one. I was looking for acceptance; they were looking for submission. In a room full of suspicious women, I was alone with a fear that numbed my senses. The imām stepped into the foyer where I was seated as though it was a demonstration for public viewing. At least that ... Read More »

Fatwas and the Responsibility of Muslim Scholars in America


Understanding how to apply Islamic law and morality, in the United States, require a thorough understanding of the shariah, the culture norms of the people, as well as the inclusion and consultation of indigenous American Muslim imams, laymen and intelligentsia. Read More »

Her decision: finding peace by converting from Christianity to Islam

christian muslim

Fuller said she knew her conversion would receive some mixed opinions, but she did not expect the amount of backlash she received on Facebook. While most of her college friends took the change in stride, the older generation had a problem with it. Read More »

American Baby: 9 Lessons from Converting to Islam

American Muslim

1. It Gets Easier The beginning is always the hardest.  You've found the truth, fulfillment, and a sense of peace you never imagined possible.  A handful of people can't wait to share Islam with their families, but for most of us, breaking the news to parents, grandparents, relatives, and sometimes kids, brings a sense of dread. This sense of dread ... Read More »

Latina Accepts Islam in Class with Haleh Banani


Read More »

Mosques are Missing the Point


“Shaykh, today is the first time I am coming to a mosque in 20 years. I have not prayed in twenty years. My wife who is sitting in the front with me is a Christian and it is her first time ever in a mosque. During your lecture, three different men have approached my wife and asked her to move to the women’s side of the room. She does not know a single person here and does not feel comfortable sitting by herself. Hence, we sat in the front row together.” Read More »

New Muslim Series | Learning Path to the Basics of Islam: Online Curriculum


This online curriculum was designed to help new Muslims build a proper foundation in the structure of a “learning path”. It is formed so that only one step appears at a time. Once you complete one section and take a quiz to test your understanding, your next step in the learning path will appear, and it will continue this way until the curriculum is covered Read More »

Perverted Priorities: Who is and who isn’t Muslim


By: Ustadh Suheil Laher “If you don't convert to (my sect) you might as well not convert to Islam!” exclaimed the 'uncle' to the young Christian lady. The lady's husband, a Muslim, had requested his elder friend to come and help explain to her why Islam is so important to him, and why he'd like her, too, to share in ... Read More »

New Muslim Series: How well does the Muslim community accommodate the special needs of a new Muslim?


There is the need of making mosques and Islamic schools accessible that the community could accommodate newcomers with special needs. A mentoring scheme would be helpful to educate people who come in with mental health issues. They need to understand the individuals’ needs and be able to fend off unwarranted and not very helpful “help” and advice from people who do not understand either their needs or the religious rulings related to them, or sectarian elements who want to recruit them. Read More »

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