Blackmarket Hujjaj Live

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Increasingly as of late, we’ve heard horror stories from Muslims around the US and Canada, who have poured their hard-earned savings into Hajj packages only to be duped at the end.

The pattern is similar: there is a ‘delay’ of some sort by the Saudi government, then phone calls are ignored, a mysterious fee for expediting the visa appears out of nowhere along with an apology, and the travel agents disappear.

Unfortunately, that was the scam several years ago, and now these same con artists have gotten wiser. Forged visas and papers, lower up-front costs, and other tricks lure unsuspecting Muslims and even travel agents who resell Hajj visas into unforgiving traps.

With that in mind, Maqsood Farid of Royal Travels, with over 20 years of experience in the industry, will present his views of the Hajj process and will give you an insider’s view into how this fraud occurs, how high it goes in the food chain, and what you can do to safeguard your Hajj.