Martial Arts as a Means to Humility – #Connection with Belal Khan

One of the best way to discipline children isn't to take it upon oneself, but, to outsource to a Sensei. If your child is acting up, then ask them, “how do you think Sensei would feel if I told them you were behaving like this?”

Martial arts has been an excellent tool for ages to discipline kids. It not only build discipline, but also humility. Through martial arts, one does build confidence, but confidence is something that if you have too much off, could lead to arrogance or recklessness. But if you don't have enough, you may suffer from self-esteem issues and also might become a pushover.

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When I was in third grade, I came home from school getting bullied and I'd complain to my dad, and ask him to talk to the school principal. Instead, he enrolled me into martial arts classes at the local Tae Kwon Doe school.

It wasn't long before he got notices from school that I was beating up some kids.

Later we moved to another town where I was learning a form of MMA. But, three years later, that school got bought out by the largest martial arts franchise in America. At this point, all former students of the school that got bought out had to start over.

The school that got bought out although did MMA, focused primarily on traditional forms of Karate, and Tae Kwon Doe. However, the new school that did the acquisition, had it's roots in Karate, Muay Thai, and grappling, BJJ style.

During instruction, I'd always be falling back on what I was taught before. So, Sensei pulled me to the side and told me a story about an young master who sought out a grand master in a far away land. When he met him, he was given a cup of tea, but as he pour, it overflowed. And, so the young master said to the old grand master, you're pouring too much, and burning my hand.

The grand master replied, I have a lot to offer. If you want to learn from me, you better empty your tea cup.

And so, Sensei said to me, empty your tea cup.

For me, this was a lesson in humility. If you're really sincere in learning from people, leave what you already know to the side. Don't let existing knowledge get in the way from benefiting from others. Don't let knowledge become a source of arrogance.

Just because you know something, doesn't mean you can't learn something new.

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  1. Aafia

    I Remember that in my Internship Classes I had to act as If I Know Nothing.My Personal experience says that If You are going to learn show the Mentor that you need their skill.


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